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Overview: How to Deal with Iran

  Iran's hardline rulers continue to suppress internal dissent and consolidate their power.  Meanwhile, nuclear talks are gridlocked, Iran continues to enrich uranium, and Iran remains a major player in Iraq and Afghanistan where American troops are at risk.  Here are four keys to dealing effectively with post-crackdown Iran: LEARN MORE

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Iran Nuclear Talks: The Way Forward

Nuclear talks with Iran are gridlocked. Iran has refused to stop enriching uranium, continues work on a small new enrichment facility near Qom, and is seeking major modification of a provisional deal reached in October to send most of its stockpile of LEU abroad.  How should the Obama Administration respond? LEARN MORE


Nuclear Talks: The Way Forward. While all eyes are on a short-term nuclear fuel swap deal that has come unraveled, it is not the crux of the dispute, and the bigger issue that divides Iran and the West has yet to be discussed systemically.  That issue is Iran’s insistence on continuing to enrich uranium to low levels despite three UN Security Council resolutions ordering it to desist.  Iranian officials have said Iran might accept greatly expanded safeguards and inspections to ensure peaceful use if the West will lift the resolutions and accept limited enrichment to low levels in Iran.  Is such a deal achievable?  If so, would it make America more secure?  Read more




Regime Change: James Glassman and Michael Doran argue that America should use its soft power to support the Green Movement, and that regime change seems “more and more realistic.” What are the near-term prospects for regime change in Iran and how can the U.S. best support this movement?  Read more


Sanctions: The United States and Europe are vowing to pursue tougher sanctions on Iran. but China won't go along.  Meanwhile,  Congress is pressing full speed ahead towards legislation mandating a raft of new sanctions on Tehran.  “Not so fast,” cautions our panel of 21 experts.  Measures that hit the Iranian people will strengthen the Revolutionary Guard while weakening the opposition.  Congress should think twice before tying the President’s hands with sweeping and non-discretionary sanctions that will have unintended consequences. Read more



Human RightsCNN reports that Human Rights Watch, a leading human rights advocacy organization, has just released a report calling Iran's crackdown on its critics a "human rights disaster."  Is the Obama Administration doing enough to stop it?  What should it be doing?
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